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  • HT816 Anemograph

    High precision, Reliable;Display both velocity and temperature of the wind;Portable and easy operation;LCD Black light;Auto turn off if no further operation for 14 minutes;MAX/AVERAGE/CURREET reading allows the user to analyze quickly;

    Model: HT816
  • TJ5 Rectangle Temperature

    Case dimension: Rectangle;Case material: White or Black plastic;Bezel material: White or Black plastic;Window: Plastic;Type: Back entry;Stem material: Copper;Stem diameter: 6mm;Stem length(L): 35mm;Scale: Single scale °c;Accuracy:±2.0%;Range: 0+ 120°C/-40-40°C;

    Model: TJ5
  • LTR-12 Temperature Recorder

    Temperature range:-30°C~+ 70°C;Operating temperature:-30°C~ +70°C;Accuracy:±0.5°C(-20~ +40*C);Resolution:0.1°C;Record cycle:6. 15. 30、45、60、90 (days) selectable;Alarm type: Consecutive or cumulative via custom order;Temperature unit: Celsius or Fahrenheit;

    Model: LTR-12
  • HT550 Infrared Digital Thermometer

    Power supply: 9V battery;Temperature range: -50°C~ 550°C(-58°F~1022°F);Resolution: 0.1°C or 0.1°F;Distance to Spot size: 12:1;

    Model: HT550
  • HT390 Infrared Digital Thermometer

    Measuring range: -32~390C(-25.6~734°F);Accuracy:±1.5°C/±1 .5%;Resolution: 0.1°Cor 0.1°F;Distance spot ratio: 12:1;Emissivity: 0.95(fixed);°C/°F unit selectable;Auto power off & Data Hold;Laser ON/OFF selectable;Power: 2X 1.5V AAA battery;

    Model: HT390
  • TJ1 Thermometer

    Plate Size: 50mm; Temperature Range: -40~15°C/-40~60°F; Capillary Length: 48"

    Model: TJ1
  • RT0570 Thermometer

    Dial Face: φ57 mm;Temp.range: -40 to 30°C/-40 to 86°F; Accuracy: ±2.5%

    Model: RT0570
  • TJ4-3 Thermometer

    Temperature Range: -40~ +40°C;Back Flange: φ100mm  4500mm

    Model: TJ4-3
  • TJ4-2 Thermometer

    Temperature Range: -40~ +40°C;Back Flange: φ80mm   3000mm

    Model: TJ4-2
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